Collection: BIZEN ware


The taste of drinks becomes mild in cups and beer attains a wonderfully  full head.

Water preserving qualities allow flowers to last longer in Bizen vases.

Tableware compliments cuisine and creates beauty.

Bizen ware has been made in Okayama prefecture,Japan for over 1000 years.

Bizen ware is made one by one through the combination of high forming technique ,superior clay ,and a long kiln firming.

It is put in the kiln unglazed,but due to the effects of the 8to 20-day pine wood firing,reaching temperatures of approximately 1250 degrees Celcius2282degrees Fahrenheit,

becomes naturally glazed with pine ash or acquires various subdued colors.

The clay is dug from the ground and is very fine,plastic(freely for able),and of good quality.

Formed and fired by artists, Bizen ware is imparted with a calm atmosphere and refined beauty.

When used daily,the color and texture of Bizen ware improves and becomes more rustic.

I hope you will use it a lot as a pottery to color your life.